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2.4" Camera Digital video door Visual doorbell Ultra Electronic Peephole Viewer red


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  • Model: STH-122985
  • Shipping Weight: 300g

2.4" Camera Digital video door Visual doorbell Ultra Electronic Peephole Viewer red

Electronic peephole viewer is a new kind of home security product. It is different from the traditional glass peephole. With the LCD screen set up inside your home to observe the visitors, it is safer and more beautiful. To set up the item on your door, no construction is needed and there is no damage to your door. Just use the electronic peephole viewer to replace your traditional glass one. It is also easy to install the electronic peephole viewer on the door without glass peephole on it. The electronic peephole viewer can totally replace the traditional glass peephole.

Product Features:
This video door phone is a new type of home security products, different from the traditional cat's eye
It using a sensor as the outdoor unit and a LCD display as the indoor unit to execute the monitor function
It is more fashion, more beauty and more safety
This product is easy to install, just replace the existing cat's eye, easy use and more humanity especially for children and aged
With night vision capacities, automatically open infrared lights in the dark
Message recording function
Built-in 2GB memory
2.4 inch screen with 0.3MP camera
Camera view angle 65/90 degrees and 4x digital zoom
Powered by 3 x AAA batteries (Batteries NOT included)
Suitable for thickness of the door: 35-105mm
Installation holes thickness: diameter 18mm

Color: red
Net Weight: 112 g / 3.95 oz
Size: 107 x 95 x 16 mm / 4.21 x 3.74 x 0.63 inch

Package Contents:
1 x Electronic Peephole Viewer
1 x Package of Accessories
1 x User Manual


1. Cannot boot
Cause: Battery voltage is low
Solution: turn on the device again after fully charged

2. Crash
Cause: the keys does not work, the monitoring frame freezes.
Solution: Long press the "down" button, reset the system and turn on it again.

3. No image
Cause: camera FPC cable is not connected properly to the connector.

4. Corruption
Cause: camera FPC cable is not connected properly to the connector.

5. Can not photograph.
Cause: Internal memory card get loosened.

6. Abnormal ring melody
Cause: Battery voltage is low

7. Vague image or redned image
Cause: the camera is directly irradiated by a strong beam or the light is weak


This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 18 November, 2012.

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